Who are The Key of F?

Andie K (Lead vocals/Songwriter) and Marie Pettit (Songwriter/guitars/backing vocals) make up the gritty, rock-n-roll sound of The Key of F.

While Andie and Marie have been singing together since 2014, the band didn’t develop until 2019.

Andie was born in Florida and has been singing since childhood. She’s performed for Disney World, Universal Studios, the a cappella group 4 Girls Only and did backing vocals for a cover band called Motown Madness.

Marie has been playing piano since she could read and guitar since her arms were long enough to go around one. She grew up singing in choirs and while living in Houston was a member of the goth band Sinister Sirens.

Andie moved to Los Angeles, met Marie, and they immediately clicked. They quickly began singing together which led to them writing music together. Often referred to as ‘opposite sides of the same coin’, Andie and Marie found a creative space between their different personalities to create new music with hints of classic rock, goth, rockabilly, punk, and blues rock.